sábado, março 02, 2013

A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)

Who doesn't like John McClane

This is a serious question! Who doesn't? No matter your age, your gender or your personal taste in movies... most likely you are a McClane fan!


Because he is the king of cool! Because he is witty! Because he's just a normal guy caught up in these extraordinary scenarios who always manages - in style! And... because he is Bruce Willis! There would be no actor on this planet, in any lifetime by that matter, who could deliver such an interesting and charismatic character like Willis! 

But don't disregard director John McTiernan, who made a big name for himself with this amazing creation. Although a very big part of  this franchise was carried on Bruce Willis's shoulders, people are still aware of McTiernan's importance as a director and the screenwriters crucial role. It's no coincidence the Die Hard saga is regarded as one of the biggest and most successful action cult movies.

From 1988 to 1995, the trilogy was out and even though people wanted more - and there was room for more - it was only in 2007 that a fourth instalment came out, which  people were eager to see but they knew there was a serious risk of damaging the image of the first three. Live Free or Die Hard (2007) showed everyone that even a different and softer McClane was able to work his magic, despite a drop of quality when compared to the earlier ones. It was still entertaining and the response, both critical and commercial, was good... but the audience probably felt it was time to leave at the top and give it a rest. There was too much on the line for people to come up with something that would eventually "drop the ball" and jeopardize the Die Hard legacy.

Unfortunately, in this world there are greedy producers, who only look at profit and at movies from a business standpoint. There is also a man that goes by the name of John Moore, who seems to take joy of making horrible films. Everything this guy touches, turns in to dust! From the moment it was announced his involvement with A Good Day to Die Hard (2013), I knew the movie was doomed!

First reviews came out and they were awful. No surprise there! My anger towards Moore kept increasing... but even with all this in mind I could not stop myself to going to the nearest cinema. I owed it to Willis, I owed it to McClane... one of my all time favourite heroes!

McClane stopped being the ordinary man mixed up in an unlikely situation. He was now seen as a super-cop (taking in to account his accomplishments in previous movies) "looking for trouble". Just this was enough to discaractherize what the main hero should be all about!

Then... he's a lot more softer, less cheeky and genuine. We've came across part of this in the fourth sequel, but it was justifiable to a certain extent. I mean... McClane is now a much older (supposedly maturer) man! Still... it broke my heart to see a different man and by the time we reached the latest movie of the franchise, despite having some good lines, most of it seemed fake and uninspired and with so much silliness going around and keeping your mind busy... it made it hard (at least for me) to enjoy A Good Day to Die Hard.
A good example of that is the over the top car chase in the beginning of the film. Just ridiculous what they did there! Half way through I was already bored and desperate to move forward!

Sad to say there aren't any elements to compensate any of Moore's mistakes! Both his son and the antagonists don't balance the film enough... Poor scripting, poor screenplay and above all, poor directing destroyed completely an evening that should always be good! 

Shame on John Moore and Skip Woods for this dreadful movie!! And shame on you too Bruce Willis for not saying no to this project! How could you - or anyone else involved - do a scene or two and think "this is good stuff that we are doing!"? Don't you go half way through and realize you are harming yourself and the character you've worked so hard to achieve such a legendary status?

The only thing I can say to this movie's defence is that the UK version was rated, which basically took out some of the best scenes / lines (some trailers show exactly just that)!

Anyway, besides the blow... I'm still a Die Hard fan... and if Willis makes his last appearance as the NYPD... then please make it count!!!