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Everything Goes My Way

Bombay Beach - Coming Soon...


Decades ago, the Salton Sea, two hours outside Los Angeles, was a tourist hotspot and a symbol of 1950s-era American optimism. Now, a victim of environmental decline, it stands mostly abandoned, its boomtown communities now decaying relics of a bygone era. Visionary filmmaker Alma Ha'rel investigates one such town - Bombay Beach - and weaves together the stories of its inhabitants with surreal poetry and beauty. Set to the music of Bob Dylan and Beirut, this is the story of a place where the American dream has faded, but where the dreams of those that stayed behind are alive and well. 

Winner of the Tribeca Film Festival 2011 Documentary Prize. 


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The Beaver (2011)

What can I tell you about The Beaver (2011) directed by Jodie Foster and starring Mel Gibson?

I can start by saying that it went through a different direction than I was expecting...

After watching the trailer for the first time (posting here the minute after I saw it), I thought to myself that this would be an excellent comedy with well dosed portions of drama, but turns out, it's the other way around... more of a Drama with comedy bits.

Was that a good change, taking into consideration the premises potential?
I can't really give you a secure and straight answer on that question....

The plot has all it needs to be a very successful comedy, but on the other hand, by giving it a more dramatic emphasis, you can assume automatically that Jodie Foster is thinking "outside the box", by giving the audience a fresh perspective of what it seemed to be good source material to provoke laughter, rather than to take the audience to darker places. 

That's fine by me to certain extent... Because if on one hand I thought that the script had very deep and profound scenes/dialogues, on the other hand I couldn't give much credibility to Mel Gibson's character, just because his condition seemed a "bit over the top"... well...  his condition and the way people acted around William Black, giving him enough freedom to pursue a normal life through a talking beaver puppet.
However, Mel Gibson certainly compensates for that, as he delivers a great performance in what you could call a "double role". 

Although the "Beaver" is a much more demanding "persona" being most of the time in focus, the depressed Walter Black is still a good display of Gibson's skills. Despite all the controversy surrounding his name and actions in the last couple of years, no one can't deny that he is one of the most talented actors, as well as directors, in Hollywood!

I can also say that I've enjoyed most of the relationship between Anton Yelchin and Jennifer Lawrence, except for one or two moments in which the movie was heading towards the cliché and cheesy, instead of maintaining it's looks as a dramatic indie production.

Anyway, ether you like it or not, The Beaver has a lot of value... but unfortunately it didn't lived up to my really high expectations.

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Max Payne 3 - Coming soon...

Aside from Pro Evolution Soccer, my favourite game from all time is Max Payne!

I used to spend hours in front of my computer just shredding apart bad guys with close range shotgun shots or throwing myself in the air holding two Berettas... The game was amazing! Everything from plot, action sequences, environments/scenarios...
It was awesome!

Eight years have passed since Max Payne's last crusade and RockStar Games have decided to give yet another thrilling ride for the former NYPD officer.

Set in Sao Paulo (Brazil) Max now works in a security company for some of the most rich men of South America...

Here's the trailer for the upcoming game...

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Drive - Soundtrack (2011)

‘I got it!’ I know what ‘Drive’ is! 
It’s going to be about a man who drives around at night listening to pop music, because that’s his emotional relief.’

Refn's major breakthrough realizing what the movie was all about

As I said in the previous post, one of the biggest highlights of Drive (2011) is the soundtrack! 

Composed by Red Hot Chilli Peppers ex-drummer Cliff Martinez, most of the "score" is made of appealing techno beats and retro synthpop melodies that instantly take us back to the 80's in which the genre was popular! It suits the film's style and needs, by incrementing a bigger strenght to some of the most powerful scenes.

One of the tracks that even goes beyond the electronic music is Oh My Love, sang by Riz Ortolani featuring Katyna Ranieri. That song made the difference in the dinner scene near the end, adding a dramatic component that just blown my away! That's what the right music does! That's the beauty of it...
Serving as a crucial element on evoquing certain emotions from the viewers... And as far as the Drive's soundtrack is concern, it's just one of the best that I've seen in recent years. Every tracks works it's way up, giving more purpose to the whole concept of this Nicolas Winding Refn picture!

Below you can find the full line-up for the score, plus a soundtrack preview made available on YouTube and a few of my favourite tracks (unfortunately I wasn't able to find Oh My Love, but you can hear a sample on the preview)

01.  Nightcall - Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx 
02.  Under Your Spell - Desire
03.  A Real Hero - College feat. Electric Youth
04.  Oh My Love - Riz Ortolani feat. Katyna Ranieri
05.  Tick of the Clock - The Chromatics
06.  Rubber Head -Cliff Martinez
07.  I Drive - Cliff Martinez
08.  He Had a Good Time - Cliff Martinez
09.  They Broke His Pelvis - Cliff Martinez
10.  Kick Your Teeth - Cliff Martinez
11.   Where’s The Deluxe Version? - Cliff Martinez
12.  See You in Four - Cliff Martinez
13.  After The Chase - Cliff Martinez
14.  Hammer - Cliff Martinez
15.  Wrong Floor - Cliff Martinez
16.  Skull Crushing - Cliff Martinez
17.  My Name on a Car - Cliff Martinez
18.  On The Beach - Cliff Martinez
19. Bride of Deluxe - Cliff Martinez

Soundtrack Preview

Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx - NightCall

College feat. Electric Youth - A Real Hero

Cliff Martinez - A Bride of Deluxe

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Drive (2011)

"A hyper-stylized blend of striking imagery and violence, Drive represents a fully realized vision of arthouse action."

I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that this has been the best movie of 2011 so far... and it will probably hold on to that status!

Directed by Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn and starring Ryan Gosling in the leading role, Drive (2011) went on having a very successful turn at Cannes Festival, winning the "Best Director" category and being nominated for a Palm d'Or. 

So... being highly praised by critics and audience worldwide, the hype was colossal! I had to find out what was it so good about this movie that had everyone talking about...

Got settled in a almost full room and gazed at the big screen while the hot-pink title for Drive came up the screen... After the first minutes it didn't took long to realize that the directing was superb and as time went by, the acting became increasingly better and the plot more interesting and intense!

The Danish "maestro" made it very artistically executed with a huge amount of European flair...
Handling really nice shots and making sure that everything was edited with elegance and style, giving it not only an outstanding look, but also a proper pace and rhythm!

Gosling on the other side of the camera delivered one of his best performances yet... only being outmatched by his portrayal of an addict school teacher in Half Nelson (2006)...

It would seem that a wonderful partnership was born between Refn and Gosling... 

Both of these men where excellent choices for their respective tasks... and who would have known? Nicolas W. Refn was Gosling's responsibility! He was given the authority to pick the director in case he accepted the Driver's part and he went for the man behind projects such as the Pusher Trilogy, Bronson (2008) or Valhalla Rising (2009)!

If it seemed like a bold move... now it's safe to say it was the right move, because Refn went on to make an extraordinary job!

But let's not forget the supporting cast that, like the director and main star, also share this work's success!

With Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston, Christina Hendricks, Oscar Isaac, Ron Perlman and Albert Brooks,  this ensemble cast provides different ingredients that certainly add up a whole lot of quality to the noir-thriller!

Special mention to Mr. Brooks who went on to have the best performance of them all, with a role that curiously enough goes against what you could call his nature, since he is an actor typed-cast as "nice guy".
If you followed only part of his career, it will be more than enough to have a sense of how "shocking" was the turn he just gave by playing the main antagonist!

As for other highlights of Drive...

The cars chases are amazing, even gathering a lot of comparisons with Bullitt (1968), a Steve McQueen classic that was made famous for having the best car chase in cinema history!

The dialogues I believe they are genuine and efficient... Not much is said, especially if you consider that Ryan Gosling doesn't "open his mouth" through most of the film... Kind of reminding Clint Eastwood in Sergio Leone's features, in which not only you didn't get to know the characters name, but also he wouldn't speak very often...

The violence is a key factor... One that raised some controversy due to it's excessive and maybe unnecessary use, but in my opinion it works out as an element that will pull out of the audience great reactions, like if they were given big doses of adrenaline! It somehow became necessary, not because the action was getting dull, but because it helped stimulate awareness on how cruel and evil are the surroundings of that whole L.A scenario! But even with such graphic scenes and almost a gore display in certain parts, there is also a very crucial and intense love story beneath it, as most of the things done through the story, are done for the love of a woman, for who the Driver goes out of his way to aid!

Some of these influences that I stated just come to show how Refn is a movie buff when it comes to collect bits and pieces of other major artistic and cult length features, but the Bullit and Leone references are just the tip of the iceberg... as it's biggest influence (between many others, including another movie by the name of The Driver (1978)) is the 2005 novel with the same name, written by James Sallis.

One other vital component of this flick is the soundtrack... something that I would rather not give away major thoughts about, since it will have it's own post, however, let me just tell you that it's "spot on" in terms of what it adds to this masterpiece development. 

Cliff Martinez, former drummer for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers takes care of most of the score, but you can also find other tracks... most of them just flowing and glowing 80's electro-pop music, that along with the pink generic font for the title and generic/credits (much like the ones used back in the day with Miami Vice or even more so, Risky Business), the vintage car and Gosling's "scorpio jacket", just pumps up the retro look for Drive.

So in conclusion... You better go see it if you want to witness a modern day classic in the theatres!

What You Know (Acoustic Version for Ray-Ban)

by: Alex Trimble (lead singer for Two Door Cinema Club)

Video description:

Two Door Cinema Club gives Ray-Ban a special performance during Lollapalooza.

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Revisiting Beastie Boys "(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)"

This video was launched a few months back but I missed the opportunity to post it up on my blog while it was still fresh!

I decided to make up emends and do it today, since this is one of the best videos around and serves a great purpose: to honour the 25th anniversary of the Beastie Boys video (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party).

Written and directed by Adam Youch, this short film for Make Some Noise picks up where (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party) left off. 

With the help of many celebrities (not gonna give you any names) who take a huge part on the clip or just have a minor cameo, this video is sure of granting you almost 30 minutes of great entertainment and laughter!

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Funny or Die

Funny or Die came to liFe in 2006, birth of a partnership between Will Ferrel and Adam McKay!
It's a comedy website made out of inumerous sketch's that are subject to the viewers reaction and sense of humour.

They have two options: "Funny" or "Die", as the website's name suggests!

If they like, obviously they go for "Funny"... therefore maintaining the sketch online among the top voted...
If they don't like... well... you don't need me to explain that!
But what I can tell you is that as a consequence of having a great deal amount of "Dies", the videos are thrown away into the "crypt" of the site!

Since its launch Funny or Die has gathered a lot of attention from people all over the world. Some of the videos actually went viral...

Hopefully most of you might know the Landlord sketch in which you see Will Ferrel shout at a child...
Others might know Between Two Ferns, a satirical talk-show presented by Zach Galifianakis...

The thing is... Funny or Die not only is a great concept, but it's also very, very funny! You get to see some amazing stars come up and have a blast! Ether is making fun of others or themselves, it is bound to make you laugh! 

Today I will leave three videos, but throughout this week I will give you a little taste of Between Two Ferns and other top comic debochory!

Hope you guys enjoy...

This last one is a fictional trailer introducing Between Two Ferns. It will definitely make more sense and appeal more to you once you get to know the "show"!

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Art of Noise - Moments of Love (memories of my childhood)

This one goes out to some of my friends back in Portugal...

Do you remember during late 80 or early 90's this music being soundtrack for a alcoholic drink? I think it was whiskey, but I'm not sure... anyway... it's with great sense of nostalgia that I listen to this track, especially because I was looking for it many years, but was never able to find it! I even came across it in a movie when I was a kid, but at the time it wasn't so easy to look for stuff on the internet. 

I don't think this is the right version, but I'm almost certain the original one isn't the one I'm looking for.
Be it as it may, here it is:

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How To Love

by: Nick Hagelin

(original by Lil' Wayne)

Curiously enough, I got to know the original song after hearing this acoustic cover...

Although enjoying Lil' Wayne as a Hip-Hop performer, it's hard for me to like him singing How To Love, being so pop and definitely not suited for his main qualities! That is my humble opinion.

On the other hand, the lyrics that he provided opened a lot of doors for "wannabe" pop sensations to rise through YouTube.

Never heard about this Nick Hagelin, but hands down to his approach on the track... making it pleasant to hear it, plus easily commercial.

Special Act by: Michel & Sven - Der Tischdeckentrick

Please watch all four clips in this order...
It will make your while!

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Nike - Back FOR The Future

Remember these shoes?

Now check out THESE shoes!

Well... turns out Nike decided to go Old School on their newest model by applying the core of their Back To The Future shoes into a new set with Kevin Durand's name on it!

In fact, this new ad by Nike goes so far as evoquing BTTF's plot and carachters... All for a good cause!

This shoe will be actioned to gather money for Michael J. Fox Foundation...

Here's the description of the video and it's main goal:

It was an ordinary evening at Lone Pine Mall. All Kevin Durant wanted was a new pair of shoes. Then the space-time continuum showed up.

Bill Hader, Christopher Lloyd, Tinker Hatfield, Donald Fullilove and KD star in a film about the most famous shoes never made, in an effort to support the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's research.

To learn more, go to To bid on the 2011 Nike MAG shoes, go to

Together, we can help make Parkinson's disease a thing from the past.

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Charlie Simpson - Young Pilgrim (2011)

I saw so many billboards of this guy around London that I had to find out who he was and what sort of music did he sang/played!

Turns out Charlie Simpson used to be a pop sensation in the UK, being the youngest member of a boys band by the name of Busted! They went so far to win many BRIT Awards and obviously achieved a big level of popularity. But Simpson wanted more than that... Well, maybe not thinking of the sucess but more of doing what he loved! So he left the group in order to create his own rock band!

Flightstar came to life, with C.S becoming their lead singer, guitar player and co-lyricist and the thing hitted off! They made three studio albuns and a few tours, until in 2010 they reached an end, with Simpson deciding to launch a solo career.

And so we come to this... Young Pilgrim (2011), his début solo album!

It delivers tracks close to his heart with what it seems to have influences of Bon Iver (like you can see on the track Hold On, I Need a Friend Tonight or Sundown), The National (Parachutes) or sometimes a bit of Coldplay (If I Lose It). Although easily sell-able, his music is all done with very good taste, without ever being cheesy and maintaining itself between the borders of alternative music and pop.

I quite enjoy this album and even more his story of having a boys band background and being able to transcend and detach himself from pop into becoming a rock artist. But that's the thing with talented people... Combining skills with dedication, luck and having a good sense of timing, things eventually work out your way!

Let me just emphasis how good of a ballad is Hold On (the last track in this post). Great song!



I Need a Friend Tonight

Hold On

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Sex, Drugs, Rock&Roll and a daughter!


Abigal Breslin, Alessandro Nivola, Elisabeth Shue and Peter Stormare

Got to say, although the subject really got me interest, Im looking forward to see Nivola on screen!
Always liked him!

By the way, nothing to do with the actual singer Janie Jones...

When it's said to be based on true events, it has to do with the director David M. Rosenthal!

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The Wanting Comes in Waves

Tracks 8 and 16 respectively from The Decemberists album Hazards of Love

Gotta say, really love The Wanting Comes in Waves (Reprise) version!

The growing intensity of the track allied with the children's chorus is just insane!

(This is the one that I mentioned earlier)

and here come the waves!
And the wanting comes in waves...
And the wanting comes in waves...
And the wanting comes in waveeeeeeesssss.....

And I want this night...

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Don Cheadle is CAPTAIN PLANET!

I was always a big fan of Captain Planet while growing up and maybe even more so since I started working for a company owned by Ted Turner, the creator of the Eco-friendly superhero!
From time to time I talk and reminisce about it and even go so far as tuning up the intro video on YouTube, but watching a full episode or anything more than one minute related to the cartoon... not at all!

So, it's safe to say that this clip (found on this website) that I'm about to show you, made my day! And it makes perfect sense to come at such time, because there are talks in progress about making a live-action movie about Captain Planet and The Planeteers.
If you are not aware of it, I would advice you to make some research! 
If you are a fan... well just laugh away with the Academy Award nominee Don Cheadle portraying one of our 90's heroes!

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New Zeland All Blacks x Tonga Haka - Entrance CLASH

I follow my share of sports with entusiasm...

But it just so happens, Rugby isn't one of these sports!


After watching this video I felt the need to tune in to every single game of the Rugby World Cup!

I would almost say that no other sport can beat the intensity during a team entrance...

I mean...
It is just UNBELIEVABLE! No way in hell you can't feel the intensity!

Not even by watching it from your laptop at home!

The hate, the determination in every single move, the atmosphere... Just baffles me!

It's absolutely mental how each team gives an astonishing performance...
... While trying to intimidate their opponent!

It sure intimidates me...

Cedar Rapids (2011)

Cedar Rapids (2011) it's a great flick! Great cast and script... A delightful quartet with Ed Helms, John C. Reilly (5 star performance like always), Anne Heche and Isiah Whitlock Jr., plus a wonderful supporting cast... Kurtwood Smith (actor that I quite enjoyed watching as the father figure in That 70's Show), Sigourney Weaver and Rob Corddry.

A very smart, innocent, sweet and insightful buddy movie that will go down in history as a cult classic!

Yes! It is a bold statement, but mark my words! Apart from the recognition this film will obtain in these early years upon it's release, it will even gather more appreciation in the long term.

I sort it compare Cedar Rapids to Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987)... Not so much in terms of content, but in terms of significance.

It's one of those things that only time will tell...

Radar Love

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Meus amigos, venho por este meio apresentar-vos ao Festival ROCK FORTE  2011! 

Este festival aparece numa altura, diria eu, bastante apropriada visto que estamos a atingir o final do Verão e nada melhor do que festa, animação e RockNRoll ao melhor estilo Português para uma despedida em grande!

A ser realizado dia 10 de Setembro, no Auditório F. Lopes Graça, no Parque de Palmela (Cascais), este projecto é levado a cabo pelo grupo Gambozinos em parceria com a Câmara Municipal de Cascais, com o intuito de angariar dinheiro para os vários projectos dos Gambozinos.

Por uns meros 15 euros (normal) ou 10 euros (estudantes) - já à venda na bilheteira online, Fnac e CTT - podem ter uma noite fantástica de música portuguesa e outras actividades ao mesmo tempo que contribuem para uma óptima causa!

Caso queiram mais informação sobre o evento em si ou os seus organizadores por favor visitem o website dos Gambozinos ou passem na página Facebook do evento!

Deixo-vos alguns temas que são capazes de ouvir pela noite fora (muitas das quais já coloquei aqui no meu blog em tempos)...

Façam o favor de aproveitar uma noite que promete ser inacreditável!

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127 Hours (2010)

After the huge success that Slumdog Millionaire (2008) made a few years ago, Danny Boyle returns yet again with another critically acclaimed movie!

127 Hours (2010) stars James Franco in what you can call a solo effort, one that has certainly added more star power into his already strong reputation. It is in fact a tour de force as Franco delivers a powerful performance through almost one hour and half, assisted by an excellent style of directing from Boyle's part. 

I have to say... after one or two editing sequences that (in my humble opinion) weren't very appealing (to say the least, but this is me being extremely rigid) I was worried with Boyle's performance...

Nonsense! Never doubt the capabilities of a genius like this Englishman! Great montages aliened and perfectly synced with A. R. Rahman soundtrack, giving the script and acting all it needed to go all the way.

Based on the amazing true story of mountain climber Aron Ralston, 127 Hours is very entertainment in spite of it's premise which has a man trapped between the moutains.

Inspiring in so many ways, it's also a reminder of how we need to cherish certain people or moments in life because we never know how things might go down...

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Zara and Miguel

Once upon a time there was a Portuguese boy named Miguel Simões...

He dreamed of becoming a musician and experience all the great things that come with it... 

Eager to learn more, Miguel decided to come to London seeking ways for him to master the guitar...
Throught those initial weeks, while practising on his instrument and looking for something else to keep him occupied, Miguel had the idea of posting an ad requesting for a, let's say... "musical soul mate"!

And so, after a few replays and a casting session, Mike meet an English girl by the name of Zara (Yes! Like the Spanish brand!)!

Right away by the sound of her voice and the chemistry he felt he knew right away that she was "the one", requesting her to immediately join him so they could begin their rehearsals together!

As time went by, from jam sessions to ordinary conversations and planning, from cover to cover until they started unleashing their own originals, Zara and Miguel began to bond! And with their bonding, came future projects... ones that would be faced as challenges with their new start as a musical duo.

And so we arrive to this point of the story in which the main characters are looking to set their careers with an auspicious beginning, enlisting themselves into a competition promoted by the Pizza Express franchise in association with Jamie Cullum (who actually rose to stardom by singing at that specific restaurant)!

I invite all of you to follow my lead and take part in this story by listening their track Moments on YouTube and placing your like on the website, plus spreading this link (blog or video, really doesn't matter) to family and friends!

Don't forget! Like Like Like! It will be placed as a vote!

Also, go to the website to have a sense of the competition and read the request from Zara and Miguel themselves:

Zara & Miguel's original song 'Moments' - our entry to 'The Big Audition with Jamie Cullum' competition. 

The judges will be reviewing all the entries in the next few days...there are two things you can do to help our entry stand out:  - open the youtube link and press like (this is if you have an account on youtube and if you do like it!) - share the video and copy this text!


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Happy Birthday Freddie!

Today marks the 65 anniversary day of Freddie Mercury, the iconic front man of Rock&Roll legends and one of my favourite groups: Queen!

As most of you know, Mercury died of AIDS-related causes in 1991 leaving the world in total shock...
Yes, there was still a lot of prejudice towards people infected with AIDS, a disease that left people wondering about people's personal life. But, I think that shock wasn't much of a reaction related to his illness, but more to the fact that they lost at a relatively young age, one of the biggest musical geniuses to ever walk this planet!

Gifted with a tremendous voice and a personality to match, Farrokh Bulsara later known as Freddie Mercury became a symbol! Not only of the 70's and 80's where Queen rose to prominence, but to every music lover!

His music is universal and eternal. His contribution is without a shadow of a doubt one of the biggest legacies to be left in the world and that is just one of the reasons why he  is still highly remembered!

The tributes to mark this occasion are a simple proof of that...

From musicians in the likes of Billy Corgan, Taylor Hawkins, to fictitious characters like Miss Piggy and even Google... Everyone leaves their mark as a sign of respect and admiration!

This is my tribute!

Happy Birthday Freddie!

(video tribute from Google)

(compilation made by Queen)

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Phoenix and Lil Wayne (2011)

Came accross this right about the time I first moved into London, but only know I'm sharing it!
It's a great mashup album, one that crosses the worlds of indie rock-pop with Hip-Hop!

That's right! Featuring Phoenix and Lil Wayne, the little album contains 5 tracks that will certainly delight both genre fans! All without exceptions are awesome tracks, to which is hard for me to point out one... so I will not only leave all of them in this post, but also highlight a link in which you can download this EP!

sábado, setembro 03, 2011

sexta-feira, setembro 02, 2011

Already placed my order!

A message from Joseph Gordon-Levitt
(actor and head of HitRECord)

The Drums - Portamento (2011)

I've listen back and forward Portamento (2011) from the American indie band The Drums and I guarantee you it's amazing!

After a terrific début - which a wrote about many times in this blog [1] [2] but at the time, in Portuguese - they were expected to raise their game. 

And so they did...

I think it's fair to say that after recently coming in to the music scene, with just a few years as a group they've established themselves as a big reference! At least according to my book... 

You see... even though at the time with just one album, it was crystal clear they would go a long away, if nothing major happened to them (like having a feud). 

Especially in a time and age where New Wave is becoming increasingly popular with a sort of vintage revival (like many other things that are coming up from the 70's and 80's), The Drums are a safe bet in a terms of musical choice. This second project of theirs just comes to show that with danceable tunes and summer beats... with catchy choruses and the use (and abuse - like we say in Portugal) of bass lines and synthesizers.

And yes, you can sense influences of groups in the like of Joy Division or The Smiths (Money has Morrisey's band written all over it), but at the same time you can't deny they acquired a identity of their own! It's not something that common' for a band only on their second album.

I took the liberty of uploading some of their tracks into YouTube just so I could share it with you guys, but I advise you to get your hands on Portamento so you can be ready to their live gigs! 

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Music / Fashion / East London


And this video comes with a special meaning...
East London = Home

Wise Words...

... from Justin Vernon...
(front man for Bon Iver)