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The Beaver (2011)

What can I tell you about The Beaver (2011) directed by Jodie Foster and starring Mel Gibson?

I can start by saying that it went through a different direction than I was expecting...

After watching the trailer for the first time (posting here the minute after I saw it), I thought to myself that this would be an excellent comedy with well dosed portions of drama, but turns out, it's the other way around... more of a Drama with comedy bits.

Was that a good change, taking into consideration the premises potential?
I can't really give you a secure and straight answer on that question....

The plot has all it needs to be a very successful comedy, but on the other hand, by giving it a more dramatic emphasis, you can assume automatically that Jodie Foster is thinking "outside the box", by giving the audience a fresh perspective of what it seemed to be good source material to provoke laughter, rather than to take the audience to darker places. 

That's fine by me to certain extent... Because if on one hand I thought that the script had very deep and profound scenes/dialogues, on the other hand I couldn't give much credibility to Mel Gibson's character, just because his condition seemed a "bit over the top"... well...  his condition and the way people acted around William Black, giving him enough freedom to pursue a normal life through a talking beaver puppet.
However, Mel Gibson certainly compensates for that, as he delivers a great performance in what you could call a "double role". 

Although the "Beaver" is a much more demanding "persona" being most of the time in focus, the depressed Walter Black is still a good display of Gibson's skills. Despite all the controversy surrounding his name and actions in the last couple of years, no one can't deny that he is one of the most talented actors, as well as directors, in Hollywood!

I can also say that I've enjoyed most of the relationship between Anton Yelchin and Jennifer Lawrence, except for one or two moments in which the movie was heading towards the cliché and cheesy, instead of maintaining it's looks as a dramatic indie production.

Anyway, ether you like it or not, The Beaver has a lot of value... but unfortunately it didn't lived up to my really high expectations.

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