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Zara and Miguel

Once upon a time there was a Portuguese boy named Miguel Simões...

He dreamed of becoming a musician and experience all the great things that come with it... 

Eager to learn more, Miguel decided to come to London seeking ways for him to master the guitar...
Throught those initial weeks, while practising on his instrument and looking for something else to keep him occupied, Miguel had the idea of posting an ad requesting for a, let's say... "musical soul mate"!

And so, after a few replays and a casting session, Mike meet an English girl by the name of Zara (Yes! Like the Spanish brand!)!

Right away by the sound of her voice and the chemistry he felt he knew right away that she was "the one", requesting her to immediately join him so they could begin their rehearsals together!

As time went by, from jam sessions to ordinary conversations and planning, from cover to cover until they started unleashing their own originals, Zara and Miguel began to bond! And with their bonding, came future projects... ones that would be faced as challenges with their new start as a musical duo.

And so we arrive to this point of the story in which the main characters are looking to set their careers with an auspicious beginning, enlisting themselves into a competition promoted by the Pizza Express franchise in association with Jamie Cullum (who actually rose to stardom by singing at that specific restaurant)!

I invite all of you to follow my lead and take part in this story by listening their track Moments on YouTube and placing your like on the website, plus spreading this link (blog or video, really doesn't matter) to family and friends!

Don't forget! Like Like Like! It will be placed as a vote!

Also, go to the website to have a sense of the competition and read the request from Zara and Miguel themselves:

Zara & Miguel's original song 'Moments' - our entry to 'The Big Audition with Jamie Cullum' competition. 

The judges will be reviewing all the entries in the next few days...there are two things you can do to help our entry stand out:  - open the youtube link and press like (this is if you have an account on youtube and if you do like it!) - share the video and copy this text!


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