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The Drums - Portamento (2011)

I've listen back and forward Portamento (2011) from the American indie band The Drums and I guarantee you it's amazing!

After a terrific début - which a wrote about many times in this blog [1] [2] but at the time, in Portuguese - they were expected to raise their game. 

And so they did...

I think it's fair to say that after recently coming in to the music scene, with just a few years as a group they've established themselves as a big reference! At least according to my book... 

You see... even though at the time with just one album, it was crystal clear they would go a long away, if nothing major happened to them (like having a feud). 

Especially in a time and age where New Wave is becoming increasingly popular with a sort of vintage revival (like many other things that are coming up from the 70's and 80's), The Drums are a safe bet in a terms of musical choice. This second project of theirs just comes to show that with danceable tunes and summer beats... with catchy choruses and the use (and abuse - like we say in Portugal) of bass lines and synthesizers.

And yes, you can sense influences of groups in the like of Joy Division or The Smiths (Money has Morrisey's band written all over it), but at the same time you can't deny they acquired a identity of their own! It's not something that common' for a band only on their second album.

I took the liberty of uploading some of their tracks into YouTube just so I could share it with you guys, but I advise you to get your hands on Portamento so you can be ready to their live gigs! 

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