segunda-feira, setembro 12, 2011

Don Cheadle is CAPTAIN PLANET!

I was always a big fan of Captain Planet while growing up and maybe even more so since I started working for a company owned by Ted Turner, the creator of the Eco-friendly superhero!
From time to time I talk and reminisce about it and even go so far as tuning up the intro video on YouTube, but watching a full episode or anything more than one minute related to the cartoon... not at all!

So, it's safe to say that this clip (found on this website) that I'm about to show you, made my day! And it makes perfect sense to come at such time, because there are talks in progress about making a live-action movie about Captain Planet and The Planeteers.
If you are not aware of it, I would advice you to make some research! 
If you are a fan... well just laugh away with the Academy Award nominee Don Cheadle portraying one of our 90's heroes!

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