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Charlie Simpson - Young Pilgrim (2011)

I saw so many billboards of this guy around London that I had to find out who he was and what sort of music did he sang/played!

Turns out Charlie Simpson used to be a pop sensation in the UK, being the youngest member of a boys band by the name of Busted! They went so far to win many BRIT Awards and obviously achieved a big level of popularity. But Simpson wanted more than that... Well, maybe not thinking of the sucess but more of doing what he loved! So he left the group in order to create his own rock band!

Flightstar came to life, with C.S becoming their lead singer, guitar player and co-lyricist and the thing hitted off! They made three studio albuns and a few tours, until in 2010 they reached an end, with Simpson deciding to launch a solo career.

And so we come to this... Young Pilgrim (2011), his début solo album!

It delivers tracks close to his heart with what it seems to have influences of Bon Iver (like you can see on the track Hold On, I Need a Friend Tonight or Sundown), The National (Parachutes) or sometimes a bit of Coldplay (If I Lose It). Although easily sell-able, his music is all done with very good taste, without ever being cheesy and maintaining itself between the borders of alternative music and pop.

I quite enjoy this album and even more his story of having a boys band background and being able to transcend and detach himself from pop into becoming a rock artist. But that's the thing with talented people... Combining skills with dedication, luck and having a good sense of timing, things eventually work out your way!

Let me just emphasis how good of a ballad is Hold On (the last track in this post). Great song!



I Need a Friend Tonight

Hold On

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