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Blue Valentine (2010)

Since its release in 2010, Blue Valentine has been growing through word of month and gaining a cult reputation that keeps increasing as times goes by.
I have been meaning to see it for a while now, especially after a few people raved about how good it is. Kind of strange, considering it was so low-profile... But now after watching it, I feel like it doesn't make any sense for this feature to have remained so "hidden" for such a long time, especially if you consider its leading cast, composed by two of Hollywood's brightest stars: Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams.

Taking us through flashbacks that reveal different stages of each characters life and how their paths came to cross, Ryan and Michelle develop this amazing chemistry that later falls in to despise and contempt reveling how different they are from what they used to be. I guess that happens to all of us really... As we grow older we develop different ways of thinking, of reacting and feeling. For good or for worst, we are constantly changing, which leads me to think of that cliche phrase - of sorts - "People don't change". That's got to be one of the boldest and inaccurate statements of all time. But that's a whole different argument.

Moving on...
Both talents alone make the film worth it. They drag you into their personal dramas, leaving the audience to feel anxious and sometimes remorseful, while on other occasions taking a u-turn by making viewers to share the same love and happiness that the characters experience, such is the contagious way they portray it. You can even almost make their joy your own, which is remarkable! I mean, what a great thing to have from movies! In this artistic and even magical way, you get thrown  so deep into the plot, that you feel like you are part of it. That's at least one of my favorite parts as a movie goer. 
I have to say thought... this can be quite terrifying, depending on the intensity level to which you involved. Depending on what you experienced, you may be forced to revisit your past and look down on things that are better off making part of ancient times... Nonetheless, there's always good things to take out, if you have the right attitude.

Anyway... A lot of credit is due to the director Derek Cianfrance, who struggled to make this project happen mostly due to funding - or lack of it. The movie-maker waited a few years since the script was ready to go, until the actual filming took place, but the wait paid-off... at least that's my take on it,  along with many other critics who came out expressing their admiration towards this piece of work.

But there's more to it than the actors, the script or direction... 
Like always, when I'm truly impressed by a movie, its usually because all elements that come to play have made an impression and one of those elements that I give a great deal of importance is of course, the soundtrack.

Believe it or not, one of my favorite bands actually composed it and I wasn't able to spot it. I was highly into it and I said to myself: "first thing after this is over, I'll get my hands on the album". As soon as I started doing some research I came across the Brooklyn based band, Grizzly Bear, who were responsible by most of the tracks. But not only the indie rock band makes the music soar... Ryan Gosling - a musician himself - has one of the film's best moments when he plays the Ukulele singing "goofy" - as he puts it -  for Michelle Williams's character. Terrific scene and great track. There's also room for a classic of which I am a great fan: You & Me by Penny & The Quarters

There you have it... More than enough reasons to get the soundtrack.Combining all of which I've stated in this post, you can easily conclude that - at least from my perspective - this is a well worth 2 hours of your time to spend any day of the week.

Great film all around!

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