domingo, fevereiro 17, 2013

Happy 50th Birthday Michael Jordan

Forget Kobe and LeBron... Magic, Bird, Isiah... Bill, Oscar, Wilt, Dr. J... Forget anyone who has played the game! No one... and I mean NO ONE will ever be at the same level as Michael Jeffrey Jordan!

He his by far the best basketball player of all-time and arguably the best sportsman of all-time.

For his technical skill, endurance and winning mentality he has inspired millions, including me. I can only feel grateful for being old enough to have watch him play right down to the day where he finally retired from Basketball, after playing with the Washington Wizards. But it goes without saying that his best years (seems harsh to say this since all of his years were beyond amazing) was playing in Chicago for the Bulls. There he won 6 Championship rings and many more individual accolades, from Dunk contest winner, to scoring champion, to defensive player of the year and of course... Regular season and Finals MVP.

On the day of his 50th birthday, I'm looking around and I can only feel proud of what I have in my possession: three of his jerseys (two Bulls and one Dream Team), DVD's with various moments of his career, basketball cards... I even have posters hanging on my wall (time to grow up you would say).

Man, oh man... even today... I still want to "Be Like Mike".

(Check out the NBA website for their homage to his Royal Airness!)

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