quinta-feira, fevereiro 20, 2014

Robocop (2014)

It’s been out there for a while now that Hollywood is getting more and more desperate for new, fresh ideas...
That’s why production companies, screenwriters and directors keep working on adaptations and re-adaptations,  reboots and remakes… From books, comics, theater, classic movies and even recent ones.

Robocop (2014) is just one of those examples. The original from which this was inspired (directed by Dutch master Paul Verhoeven) came out in the late 80’s as a huge success – enjoying cult status amongst moviegoers/critics - so obviously an older audience – or at least those who’ve seen the original -  would set the bar really high for the “revamped” version.

I guess it’s no surprise when I say this 2014 version was poor. They’ve tried so hard to make themselves a different film from the original that the whole thing came out wrong.

A lot of people actually defend this, arguing "why bother putting effort to do the exact same movie"? That's fair enough… but that just brings me back to that original point.

Why do it?
Haven’t you heard: “If it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it”.

Not even its talented cast – with the likes of Joel Kinnerman, Gary Oldman, Abbie Cornish, Michael Keaton, to name a few - and the up and coming Brazilian filmmaker Jose Pandilha (bringing some of his Elite Squad techniques) could salvage what was truly a disastrous screenplay/storyline.

Maybe a younger and unfamiliar audience will enjoy it… iMDB seems to show it that way. 

With its flashy special effects and full throttle action scenes it can satisfy those who don’t know better…

My advice?

Just stick to the 1987 masterpiece.  




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