domingo, abril 13, 2014

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

I remember watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) trailer for the first time and I was completely blown away. The visuals were just remarkably beautiful and hypnotizing and the whole concept just drew me closer to watching it when possible.

The whole idea of having a man being constantly overtaken by his daydreaming just reminded me so much of my own character (yeah, such a narcissist thing of my part), because I too struggled with that problem growing up. In fact, I still do (even if to a lesser degree)...
There are times where I completely switch off, or better yet, "zone out" as they keep referring to it in the movie masterfully directed by Ben Stiller.

As far as I know, this project was long due, with several producers and directors being attached to do it over the years, but only in 2011 it was finally given the green light with Stiller at the helm of the movie as director and lead actor.

Based on a 1939 short novel by James Thurber, its first movie adaptation came out in less then ten years (1947 to be exact) and despite some similarities, this original and now "remake" share some common trades in essence, but still holding two different identities. That's good I guess, since this newer version touches different elements and sides of the human being.

With Stiller leading the way, alongside with Kristen Wiig, Adam Scott, Shirley MacLaine, Kathryn Hahn and Sean Penn, Life magazine employee Walter Mitty leads us to look deep into our lives and see whether or not we've been making the best of it. It challenges us to dream higher and chase our most deepest wishes with complete disregard for what others may think. It reminds us that if there's anyone stopping us from accomplishing our goals, its ourselves!

Yes...the movie has received mixed reviews by critics and even though I can agree - at certain stages - that the film can lack some substance, I honestly think that Stiller through his directing and acting efficiently passes a wonderful message and moves the audience into self-consciously evaluating years gone by and also looking at years ahead. When a movie can lift the viewers spirits like that, I call this mission accomplished!

All and all, it's a wonderful movie with some of the most beautiful and creative sequences I've seen with outrageously gorgeous Icelandic landscapes serving as a huge part of the background/setting.

The scenes where Ben Stiller plays football with Sean Penn (who plays a small, but vital role to the movie's unfolding) and the downhill skating through the roads of Iceland are just breathtaking, working superbly with great music as soundtrack.

That takes us to another big... let me rephrase this.... to another HUGE part of this film which is the outstanding soundtrack (well deserving of a post of its own) with names such as Jose Gonzalez (Step Out is super appropriate and just stands out), Junip, Of Monsters and Men and David Bowie (with his classic Space Oddity being sang by actress Kristin Wiig), just to name a few...

It's a movie that dreamers everywhere will surely enjoy!

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