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Bombay Bicycle Club - A Different Kind of Fix (2011)

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I'm a BBC fan! I like their style and their sound... so everything that comes my way belonging to the group, I will try and put my hands on!

Even though their latest album isn't fantastic, I can't help myself of sharing this with you just because of who they are and what they sort of mean to me! I won't make a review of the album, but just a comment regarding probably my favourite track of their 2011 studio project.

It's called Still and it reminds me of an old fashion Radiohead ballad, heavy on the piano and on the suffering voccalls, exposing a broken heart and the pain of a lost love!

Below you will find a different version from the album... and altough I prefer the studio one, couldn't help myself of sharing it with you...

-- Post Updated --
I received a notification saying that due to lack of owning rights I wasn't allowed to post the track, so you should just type on YouTube if you want to have a listen of Still.
Meanwhile, after listening the album a few more times, I have to say it grew on me, making way better impression than before (being now one of my favourites of 2011), which obviously would have some influence into what I wrote before. The album is better than I gave credit for and therefore making it easy for me to recommend it to friends outside the BBC fan core.
Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I have...

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