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Friends With Benefits (2011)

Upon Friends With Benefits (2011) trailer releasing, it seemed like a good romantic comedy was on it's way. A different, fresh and outrageous romantic comedy... but here's the thing:

Friends With Benefits tries too hard to be cool, when it´s not that cool... and it tries to hard to avoid clichés, when in fact is the biggest cliché of them all!

Sure... I like Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis! I think both are charismatic and make a good pair!
There's a funny and sexy vibe to them and yes... they have provided some good scenes with sharp dialogues. But did they make this film worthy of me recommending to someone? No! Unless you want to fantasize of how great would be to have a "friend" like Mila Kunis's character!

I got to admit, while I watch the "best friends get along" I secretly wanted that for me! Wish things would be so easy that you would hook up with an extremely hot, yet smart and funny girl, and just enjoy a great time without commitment, until collapsing into the obvious state which is realizing that you want to settle down with that person! Sounds familiar right?

The end of the movie... Saw it coming?! 

Everything turns out to be predictable, even when they don't want it to be!

Anyway... I will now stop pouring negative things about this film! It has it's moments, you get a few parts with excellent music in the background (watch out for the soundtrack) and the fact that you get to see such an ensemble cast with the likes of Woody Harrelson (always a pleasure watching this guy on screen), Patricia Clarkson, Richard Jenkins, (long time missing in action) Jenna Elfman, Andy Samberg and Emma Stone... puts a smile to your face... however, it's just not enough to make this (OK) average movie into a good one!

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