sexta-feira, março 09, 2012

Patrick Watson - Closer To Paradise (2009)

It's again one of those examples in which I come to a big disagreement with the Chicago based music website, Pitchfork

They gave the album a review that was barely positive, when I believe it's way above average...
Obviously, music is a tricky subject... an opinion is what it is... and it should never be taken too seriously! It shifts and changes, thanks to many factors that are attached to our personality, background, influences and so on... Nonetheless, as most people that are made of strong convictions, when we highly disagree, it's hard to react like we didn't care.

So this is my - civilized - way of saying to Pitchfork: You should get your act together! Patrick Watson, of whom I'm a big fan, did a great job with his sophomore album Closer To Paradise (2009).

Among the thirteen tracks that make this project, I chose The Great Escape and The Drifters as my favorite songs! In fact, these two alone... make the whole album worth your while!

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