sábado, outubro 13, 2012

I'm trying Jacques Audiard... I really am!

The posters above are the two latest Audiard's movies that I've seen... Both acclaimed by critics and audiences and both seen under great expectations.

For some reason, I'm unable to "LOVE" Jacques Audiard's movies. Un Prophète (2009) - although good - didn't satisfy my expectations... and now De battre mon cœur s'est arrêté (2005) - which I just saw - followed the same route. I really wanted to love both of them, but they felt short...

Somehow I feel guilty... Like I wasn't able to understand or appreciate the art of one of the best French film-makers around. That's a compliment that I easily concede, even thought I don't come across as a big fan of his work.

Very soon I will see his most recent project De rouille et d'os (2012) featuring Marion Cotillard in the leading role. Let's hope this can help me change my mind about Monsieur Audiard.

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