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Les Petits Mouchoirs (2010)

I remember when this film came out in 2010. It was a few months before I came to London. I was in  my local shopping mall looking at the posters while deciding what to see on the cinema. Les Petits Mouchoirs - a.k.a Little White Lies - looked to be a French romantic-comedy. Don't know why, but that's the idea I got from the expressions of the actors on the poster (not the one here on display). 

Fast forward two years later, the movie was long forgot and only by a friend's suggestion did it came to my mind again, but even thought I had it in my computer, it remained unseen for a long period. This was until a week ago, when I brought the name up, a French girl highly recommended it.Adding the suggestions, to my initial curiosity and the rate on iMDB, it was clear I needed to see it. So me and a couple of friends took the time to watch it together, knowing only that the film had it's comedy moments, but also it's share of drama. 

Directed by Guillaume Canet, Les Petits Mouchoirs revolve a group of friends who decided to take their usual summer vacation, even after one of their closest members lies between life in death in the hospital  after having a big accident.

As the story starts to build up, I believe we - the viewers - could all relate to a few characters and moments. If not ourselves, at least we could picture someone close to us in that same spot. That's a good sign, meaning there's a genuine feel to the project, strong enough to drag us into the plot and get involved.

Like we were warned, there were many times of joy and times of sadness, all done with subtlety, charm and a lot of heart. Credit must be given to actor Canet, who seems to have a natural thing behind the cameras, as his few long features are mostly good. But the French director could not have done it all, without the support of a magnificent cast that include the likes of Marion Cotillard, François Cluzet and Jean Dujardin (just to name the most well known actors).

Read somewhere the casting was strange and stereotypical. Don't believe a word! It truly made a difference and I stand by it. Great pleasure to see all of them interact at ease and with such chemistry. The only thing I would point out is maybe it was slightly long... but that becomes almost irrelevant due to the high quality of Les Petits Mouchoirs.

All and all, another win for French cinema, more and more my favourite line of movie production across Europe. 

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