terça-feira, março 10, 2015

Films seen in the last week

Relatos Salvajes

This Oscar nominated Argentinean film is one of the best funny things I've seen in recent times. I had no idea whatsoever of what to expect and maybe that's for the best... so I will avoid any sort of details. I will say however that, rather than being your typical movie, this is actually a mix of short movies with a couple of themes in common, all of which told with a very (very!) dark humor. 

Maybe it's not your kind of thing, but I had a blast.

Magic In The Moonlight

Woody Allen's latest feature presents itself with a good cast and although it does provide good moments, it is far from being among his best work.  By all means watch it, but I honestly don't think it will make worth your time.


Seen it before, but with my Mom in town, just had to see it again. One of the best movies I've ever seen. Incredibly well directed, great acting and amazing soundtrack. Should be on everyone's "To see" list.

 Bad Words

This is Jason Bateman's directorial debut... and it's a great one. Sharp on the tongue, beautifully shot and with various moments that will make you chuckle, this is a great unexpected surprise as I had no idea of what was coming.

While We're Young

Noah Baumbach is back with another of his indie movies that a lot of people out there are bound to relate with. He's reunited with Ben Stiller after their previous collaboration in Greenberg, while also adding the talent of the incredible Naomi Watts, followed by Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried. 
Not entirely sure how this movie will go down in comparison with Baumbach's previous film Frances Ha (2012), but i can tell you right now that this an OK movie with good moments... but felt like it was never great. Maybe my expectations were too high... I remember seeing the trailer and thinking to myself that this would be incredible! 
Having said that, you wouldn't certainly waste your time if you were to see this though...

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