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Farewell David Letterman

Some time ago, I posted about the role that The O.C.​ played on the expansion of indie music for the masses. Most of us never heard about Death Cab for Cutie​, Modest Mouse​, The Shins​ and Bright Eyes​… Bloc Party​ and The Killers​ were gaining traction and even some of the cult classics like Sex Pistols​ and The Ramones​ got their place on the show’s spotlight.

Despite having a sense of gratitude towards the Californian soap opera, I am now “morning” the end of show - maybe more musically relevant to generations before “The O.C”: David Letterman’s.

For the few of you who don’t know who Dave Letterman is, my advice is for you to look him up on YouTube and get acquainted with his magnificent work.

Talented writer, great communicator and incredible comedic skills have made Mr. Letterman one of the most prominent forces in the history of TV.

So why am I putting “The O.C” and David Letterman in the same post?

Because way before Seth Cohen and Marissa Cooper were engaging in their musical taste, Letterman was already getting on his stage a mix of artists that went from some of the most popular names at the time, to the unknown bands who would end up achieving greatness.

From R.E.M.​’s first television act on his show, to Arcade Fire​ break out followed by the likes of The Strokes​ and Letterman’s favorite band Foo Fighters​, we have seen an outrageously good list of musical artists… most of which we can thank him for introducing to the general public and therefore making it possible for a lot of bands being in our iPods.

So, as a way of paying homage to the legendary TV host and his colossal influence on music, I am leaving you this small article written by The Independent​, which contains their selection of the Top 18 musical performances ever to grace us on David Letterman's show!


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