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Allo Darlin' - Allo Darlin' (2010)

This Allo Darlin’ post begins with another of my London stories…

Almost every weekend I take a walk down Bricklane to enjoy some of the best food, markets and pop culture London has to offer…
In that routine walk of mine, one place that I always make a point of stopping is Rough Trade! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Rough trade, basically it’s a popular english franchise of music shops.

This shop is probably one of my favourite spots in all of London, due to it’s music selection and “ambiance”. It’s also considered an attraction over it’s photo booth that takes very cool personalized pictures.

Getting back to the main story…

I was alongside with a couple of friends of mine, taking the usual tour around the store, when a track caught my attention. As I slightly hesitated if I should get out of the cue for the photo booth… the track increasingly gathered some rhytmn clapping as we tried to keep up with the melody.
Obviously, I ended up at the balcony asking to the person in the counter what was playing. It turns out, the group was from Bricklane and their name was Allo Darlin’.

Eventually I got the album, uploaded it to my iPod and on my way to work got to listen to it, repeating the same dosage at the end of the day.

Have to say... it’s pretty good!

The quartet made of from Elizabeth Morris, Paul Rains, Bill Botting and Mikey Collins, compose simple but elegant tracks with a Spring/Summer feel in to it!
Dreaming stands out as my personal favourite in a quality playlist! It's one of many tracks that I've been listening to recentely that remind me of Summer and good times, with a special connection between London and Cascais. 
Also Let’s Go Swimming get’s me thinking of London, much due to it's constant references of the city. In fact, the whole lyrics are so close to my experience here, that it's almost impossible not to bond with the track.

It’s with those two that I will conclude this post, along with a request:

Share this! It’s worth listening to!

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