sexta-feira, junho 24, 2011

Jeff Buckley on Film

It looks like they have given the green light to make a Jeff Buckly biopic and it will start Penn Badgley in the lead role!

Can't really say I'm that excited! Don't know nothing about this actor besides the fact that he is very popular on the TV show Gossip Girl. Anyway, it will be good to get Buckley's name out there. He was gifted with a great high pitch voice and good skills as a musician. One of my favorite artists and a cultural pop figure in the music scene that went unoticed by some...

Meanwhile, can't really remember if I spoke before of Buckley as an artist... and if not, I'm sure not to write about him right now, because it require a minium amount of attention and research to try and do his name some justice. Nonetheless, I will leave here one of his best tracks: Grace

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