domingo, julho 03, 2011

Jim Morrison ...

Today marks the 40 year anniversary of Jim Morrison's death!

One of the most iconic and greatest singers of all time, Morrison is remembered first and foremost for being leader of The Doors, something that he always did in great fashion!

His legacy still lives on and it will always be refered as one of the most influential characters in the rock n roll scenario. 

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Dhiraj disse...

Later half of sixties was a good time for Morrison to be alive. The raging counter-culture with its angst ridden yearnings, primal sexuality, unhinged drunkenness and a wildly seductive notion of enlightenment- was ready for him. He came and lent a veneer of sheer sexiness to the excesses of his era.

Duartinho disse...

Dhiraj great post and great writing. Really enjoyed it!