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SBSR 2011

Opposite to what I did last year when I went to the Festival, this time I won't extend myself by describing favourite gigs or moments... I won't make a full stat review of the 17th edition of SuperBock Super Rock.

I will just say this... 

Even though it was poorly organized (seems like the people behind this event haven't learned from mistakes made in the past), it was a lot of  fun! Was great to see a lot of familiar faces (missed so many of you guys) and also to meet a lot of new people! Fortunately enough we were living in great style, considering that we were camping in one of the worst possible places. Eating dust was becoming a typical meal, showers and bathrooms were nothing shorter than poor, bad car access, one ATM available... and the list goes on! In a nutshell: It lacked suitable conditions for our day-to-day basic needs!

Nonetheless we made the best of what we had and also what we eventually arranged for us that made those three days seem like a sort of "resort vacation".

In terms of music, I have to admit I didn't take full advantage of the excellent bands that were stored for us! Shame on me for being lazy and for settling in for good meals and conversations while groups such as Paus or Junip were playing. 
But still, can't really complain after watching groups in the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Beirut, Arcade Fire, The Walkmen, Tame Impala, Slash, The Strokes or Elbow.

Arcade Fire stood out has the best from all of the three days. They gave a hell of a show, demonstrating a great deal of intensity and team work while also giving away to the audience that they had a lot of fun on stage. Too bad they didn't save No Cars Go for last, being this my favourite track and all...

Walkmen (already had the chance to see them live a few months ago), Beirut and Tame Impala also made a very good impression...

On a negative side... The Strokes played for 1h10m without an encore or at least addressing the audience before leaving! A bit to short for a main stage group, who's not only closing the stage for the day but also has a bigger responsibility towards the crowd. Plus, I think that Mister Casablancas owed us from last year's SBSR where he only acted for 30 minutes due to stomach illness. Anyway, it was still awesome to hear a lot of good tracks live for the first time... It could have been possibly been my favourite gig if not for the disappointing ending! Being aware that I might be a little harsh with my words, let me make it clear that even in those circumstances they still rocked! And yes, they make my top 5 chart of this years SBSR!

(Here's just a glimpse of how it was like)

Slash shows no identity of his own! I know most people wanted to hear some of the old Guns and Roses hits... but that time is long gone and with so many solo albums, it would be expected of him to introduce more of his own work than some of the tracks that Axl Rose was heavily involved with!

Oh... last but not least... The Kooks! In my opinion I find them to be cheesy, dull and very commercial! Having a few good tracks doesn't compensate for the fact that they have no strong points that make the band enjoy the success they have today!

All and all, adding this to the previous festival I attended (Optimus Alive) I can only say...

It's great to be back!

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