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The Adventures of Tintin (2011)

The Adventures of Tintin (2011) has to be one of the best animation movies that I've seen in my life! Visually it's perfect, something that really surprised me due to the fact that its something unusual of Spielberg's part (the animation genre I mean).

Combining forces with Peter Jackson (who produced this feature), Mr. Spielberg brings us the adventures of Hergé's creation and masterpiece, the young and restless journalist, Tintin! 
Voiced by English actor Jamie Bell, it has some of Hergé's most well known supporting characters give their contribution through the voices of actors like Daniel Craig, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost or Toby Jones.

Based on the book "The Secret of the Unicorn" this movie has all the necessary ingredients to entertain a crowd. Action and adventure in the likes of Indiana Jones, many twists and turns and plenty of humour make this first successful instalment of what it looks like to be a potential massive cinematic franchise. There's plenty of excellent source material and if cast and crew stick to the working formula of this first movie, then we can wait for a few more to come.
I would only say that the film was a bit too long, with sequences that could easily be left out (sequences that don't even are in the original book). There are a few things that aren't "right" (if we even can say that), according to the book. Like for example, in the movie Hadock and Tintin have their first encounter, but originally, by the time the books get to this adventure, they were already close friends. Maybe it's not that big of a deal, but you have to understand that I grew up reading these books and I was a major fan, so every little change that I was able to perceive, had some sort of influence. There were a few more, but don't want to point out every single detail as it doesn't make any sense me doing so and obviously I do not want to reveal different lairs of the plot by discriminating the differences. First and foremost, this is an adaptation, so obviously the material is subject to some changes!

Regardless of that, I absolutely recommend everyone to see this in the cinema while they can. It makes a huge difference to watch it on a big screen and even the 3D plays a big part... Doesn't make you feel like the action is taking place in the room, but adds up in terms of aesthetic quality! Like I said, in terms of animation (visually) is probably the best I've seen so far.

As for the rest, its well worth seeing it, but maybe a bit more depth should have been given to the characters... but oh well... I guess it's not what the mass audience requested in a movie such as this! Only the real Tintin fans will know what I'm talking about I suppose...

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