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Fast Five (2011)

Ok... So... I saw this movie some weeks ago and I must admit I was very lazy to write about it back then, as I am lazy right now... But there's no way in hell I'm leaving this one behind!

Had such a great time watching this!

And I want to say "Who would have known?" like I was greatly surprised by the increasing quality of Fast Five (2011) compared to the other movies of the franchise. But I can't!
I was already aware that this last instalment was by far the best one of the Fast and Furious saga! The reviews were great, the box office results were the best from all five... all of which came with no surprise after seeing it for myself!

The direction was actually pretty good... Really nice shots from Rio de Janeiro, plenty of well executed action sequences and fast paced car chases, "F&F" style.

The cast reunion was an excellent idea to begin with... Getting to see the essential characters work out together was a good call indeed, plus adding Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, was like adding a secret/special ingredient. His performance was outstanding, easily outshining the rest of the gang. Was great to see him on solo scenes or alongside some of the main characters, especially when sharing the screen with Vin Diesel, having their fight scene come as a display of the most anticipated moment of the feature, hitting its climax in a very intense way!

Being an action fan and admirer of both Johnson and Diesel, it's hard to resist the combination of these two names, who with the help of a very nice script, made everything far more interesting!

But the success of this film goes beyond the efforts of the director and the influence of their cast... It's the plot and change of genre that strikes me as the most significant component of Fast 5. Going from being labelled  as a car movie, to a Heist movie is a big change, one that has probably contributed to the extension of this franchise by incrementing new elements and making it more diversified within it's universe.

Well worth seeing it!

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