sexta-feira, dezembro 16, 2011

New York, New York (Medley)

The other day I was on the tube, listening to my iPod. At the time I was playing a live gig performed by the iconic crooner, Mel Torme alongside with Jazz pianist George Shearing. I've been a fan for some time now
of both these musical legends, mostly due to my father's influence who also loves Mel Torme... calling him the best scat performer of all time!
When almost reaching the end of his live performance, Mel Torme addressed the audience to introduce the upcoming tune... Can't remember if in fact I was highly concentrated listening to the album or if I was distracted doing some other stuff on my iPhone or what not, but the matter of fact is that something caught my attention... I was hanging on every word of Mr. Torme and without expecting... he provoked me to a huge outburst of laughter, making everyone around me to think that I was crazy! 

Trying to control myself, out of instinct I covered my mouth with my hand, knowing if I continued to laugh in that way, I would draw to much attention!
It was really one of those funny moments that I'll carry with me throughout time!

Listen the track below to get a sense of what I'm talking about! One of the great acts of Mel Torme that shows not only how much good of a singer he is, but also how increndibly entertaining he can be! A true artist and one of the best performers all around to set foot on stage!

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