quinta-feira, dezembro 29, 2011

Win, Win (2011)

Without extending myself too much and getting into a more personal opinion, I would just like to bring to people's attention this indie feature called Win, Win (2011).

It is another sensational effort by Thomas McCarthy, who after directing The Station Agent (2003) and The Visitor (2007), is still capable of reaching out to the audience with amazingly genuine and beautiful films.

Paul Giamatti leads a cast of other amazing actors such as Amy Ryan, Bobby Cannavale (with whom McCarthy worked before in The Station Agent), Jeffrey Tambor, (the sort of "resurrected") Burt Young and the newcomer Alex Shaffer.

The trailer alone is enough to get you with a shiver down your spine. It's a big challenge not to like a movie such as this!

One of my picks for the upcoming top 10 list of 2011!

I would also like to take this opportunities to share with you a song by The National (called Think You Can Wait) which was included on the movie's soundtrack. The video assembles some "behind the scenes" footage of Win, Win which - in my opinion - was nicely done to fit the music's persona!

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