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Hesher (2010)

Right before I reached the final scenes of Hesher (2010), much to my dislike, I was convinced the movie was a big let down just because it didn't satisfy my level of expectations. These reached a high degree just by knowing Joseph Gordon-Levitt starred on it.
I have been a fan the 31 year old actor since he first came to prominence with 3rd Rock from the Sun - one of my favourite comedy shows - then going through his indie phase, followed by a more mainstream productions. The guy is brilliant in most things he does and being highly pleased with Hesher's trailer I was more than confident this would be one for my collection. 

During most of the film I thought great deal of the action taking place was random, lacking credibility and sometimes even slightly predictable. As the storyline progressed, we were at a stage where it was clear for me, as a viewer, that I was suppose to expect the unexpected and the unusual - classic trademarks of any indie film that wishes to cause an impact and surprise their audience, specially if the approach is meant to be deep/inspirational. 
I get that... but I believed it was a lot to take in, I mean, most of the time I was trying to make sense of everything that was happening.

Here and there, I felt really good about what I was watching and the final scenes really torn me apart, leading me to not know exactly where I stood regarding what I just saw. 

The issue then becomes whether or not my early thoughts have been "manipulated" by some of the reading I did after I saw the film, however, I can honestly say something genuinely shifted with that last scene. Thought it was beautiful and, in a lot of ways, very poetic, offering great contrast to the chaos that gave pace to the entire Spencer Susser (director) project.

Regardless of all this, I came to conclude I was very entertained. Had a lot of trouble liking the main character, a complete crazy anarchist with - what I would believe is safe to say - serious issues. But in is own unbalanced way, Hesher presented himself with some dark and twisted humour that provided the movie with great scenes. Those moments made it much easier to like him... and as he acted like a spiritual guide in time of need, with his deranged and inappropriate metaphors containing hidden messages (life lessons), you actually see the kind of balance that something so dysfunctional can give you. Things aren't as black and white or right or wrong like people think. There are occasions where what makes that special click is something coming from where you less expected, from what you believe to be unconventional and even against your nature. That's sort of what we witness here... In this feature, a troubled Father and Son, still  mourning over the loss of their Wife/Mother needed to be shaken and has the movie tagline says: 

"Sometimes life gives you the finger and sometimes it gives you Hesher" - Promise this will make a lot more sense if you watch it.

Other highlights worthy of mention are Rainn Wilson, in a different role to what we are used to. Troubled and a numbly dark, the actor widely known for Dwight Schrute in the T.V show The Office, gives a surprising and refreshing performance, while Devin Brochu - as the kid going by the name of T.J - delivers a more intense and enraged version of his Dad, due to the constant aggressive handling by Hesher.

Natalie Portman (also a producer), with some very solid acting, portrays a young "nerdy" girl to which T.J becomes very fond - being both misfits something that connects them together - giving him a hint of sanity when it seemed like there was none... Well, except his lovable grandma performed by Piper Laurie in one of the best - and lighter - roles on Hesher.

Having said this - and after giving it some thought - I actually enjoyed myself even after stating how disappointed I was throughout the film. I think all I need was to come to terms with what actually was intended rather than worrying to much on how realistic it is or how crazy it might seem. In the end, I believe Hesher to be a modern yet strange and twisted, fairy tale. 

Worth to watch!

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