quarta-feira, agosto 22, 2012

I am Bruce Lee (2011)

I am Bruce Lee (2011) is a made for TV documentary about one of the most iconic symbols in popular culture.

Till this day Bruce Lee's legacy lives on, moving from generation to generation through his work but also his way of life.

A man of many trades, the Asian-American film star was not only an actor, but a screenwriter, producer,  teacher and philosopher - among other things. With so many different backgrounds and skills, its only natural his influence reached all kinds of people, in different regions and cultures and in all kinds of ways. That's only part of what this documentary comes to show...

I would advise anyone (and I mean anyone) to watch this... You might take something useful out of it, even if at first glance you think Bruce Lee doesn't have nothing to add to your life (which highly doubt it).

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