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Argo (2012)

If you thought Gone Baby Gone (2007) was beginners luck and The Town (2010) was a fluke... there is no way you can ignore Ben Affleck's directorial skills after watching Argo (2012).

The Boston actor turned director is easily becoming a serious candidate to one of the best in his field of profession. Yes, he has made some dodgy movies in his career... maybe one too many, but you can't create misguided preconceived ideas based on the little you know - specially in an area that has nothing to do with his achievements behind the camera. I even go far as saying he is a great actor with great creative skills... Just go on iMDB and check his "resume" from 2006 onwards. Either great/likeable movies or great roles. Hollywoodland (2006) is just an example of how great is acting is.

But forget all that and focus on Argo, in my opinion one of 2012 finest.

You get warned from the get go that the film is based "in true events" and somehow I seemed to forget that half way through due to how unbelievable the storyline was and how things progressed. Never-mind the absurd idea... "so crazy that it just might work"... How they were able to put it in to action... it's just mind blowing.
You can take a series of conclusions and anticipate how the end will unfold, but that still doesn't help you to control your levels of anxiety. Argo beholds a killing suspense, with refreshing and superb moments of humor to lighten the mood. The reenact action of what went down back in looks amazing and according to critics it also looks accurate.
Finally, casting was spot on with a list of TV old school talent stepping in. Names that might not ring a bell, but their faces certainly will.

I advise you to watch it asap.

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