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Metronomy - Nights Out (2008)

For a lot of people, Metronomy only rose to prominence with their last album The English Riviera in 2011, however, before the acclaimed album came out, the English band already had two other projects under their belt:  Pip Paine (Pay The £5000 You Owe) in 2006 and Nights Out two years after their debut album.

Their first had too much of an electronic element for my taste... It wasn't really a record that I enjoyed listening to, but Nights Out is definetely a top notch work. And it gets better with time and with each live performance. That's how it worked with me...

I was fortunate enough to see Metronomy in 2011 at the Royal Albert Hall in London. It was a solid gig, but not spectacular has I envisioned. It was clear to me that my opinion was highly affected by my seats, which even thought being very good (we had a box just for our group of friends), it was far from the action near the centre of the stage. There is were you feel the intensity and you loosen up. You sing, you dance and you feel the contagious environment around you. It's more of a fun party atmosphere, while at the same time you can be focused on the music.

That's what I came to feel a year later when I saw them again, this time at one of Portugal's finest Summer festivals: Optimus Alive.

They started playing at 3:00am on a Sunday (remember, most people had to work the next day). You would think that after 3 days of music and so late at night on a Sunday... it wouldn't be a full house. But against all odds, the place was tearing apart. The band engaged in a 2:30h gig leaving everyone in a state of ecstasy. And it was then and there that Nights Out took over a place in my heart. The beats and melodies from that night still resonate in my head til this day. It's so easy for me to travel back to that special event. I just grab my iPod and let it play... And it just so happens... I'm in that mood right now!

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