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The Wire (2002 - 2008)

I was completely oblivious to what The Wire was until I got to university. There, I found teachers who hailed the TV show as one of the best ever made, even though it had fairly modest exposure for something that was critically acclaimed. 
Fast forward a few years later, I’m out of "uni" and in the UK making my living. In my work place, a few more join hands with my former professors, often stating how great The Wire is. 
It became clear to me that I had no choice. I would have to see it and judge for myself.

Started the first season and to my surprise it wasn’t exactly what I expected. Not the content per say, but my reaction to it. I didn’t feel like I was highly entertained or even eager enough to watch the next episodes. This lasted until the 5th or 6th episode of the first season where I found myself completely immersed in the plot and connected to the characters. Be it hero or villain, it’s easy to create some kind of bond with most of the people wondering on Baltimore’s streets.
That's one of the added values of the series. It doesn't revolve around one or two characters, although obviously a few might get highlighted by the audience... However, each person has their own view and favorites in the show. It is hard to be totally unanimous.

From then on, going from mid 1st season to the very end of season 5 – the series’ finale – you cannot be indifferent to what’s happening on screen… “Spot on” (The Wire fans will know the reference) casting, brilliant acting, smart scripts and above all else, a genuine realistic feel to it. David Simon and Ed Burns did a magnificent job with their creation, which is based on their experience as a journalist and police officer respectively. 
I highly recommend watching what is regarded as one of the best cult TV classic shows to ever be broadcasted.

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