domingo, março 27, 2011


After a long series of years, last night i finally reached the end of the show Lost and I have to say: What an amazing journey!

Even though it still remained a lot of questions to be answered, I like the way that a lot of the stuff is left to interpretation, giving the viewer a chance to determine the faith of the characters and to give a meaning to theirs lives on the island. Throughout topics related to religion, mythology, spirituality and fantasy, Lost is a constant exercise of the mind. I felt stimulated in an in-numerous amount of ways, due to its ability to allow myself to experience different emotions and mixed feelings.

 Just wished that I’d seen it at the time that it came out, so I could discuss some of the ideas in a more accurate way… but I would reckon that right now most people can’t remember certain things.
I was up to date with the show but when I reached the end of the 5º season, while I waited the 6º to end (I always do that… rather wait to have all of the episodes, opposite to waiting a week for one episode) I kind of distracted myself and reached a point where I didn’t remember most of it… and while I gained the courage to go back one or two seasons in order to fully understand the 6º… well… it took me some time…
But eventually I decided to see the 5º season again, thus feeling much more prepared for what laid ahead of me. It was worth it, because I got to see again a wonderful cast in top shape while they helped me getting ready for a full season of revelations!

I have to admit… there are some things I wouldn’t be able do understand if not for some of the research made or the special episodes dedicated to give a more insightful view of the show.  And since there is still so much for me to “catch up”, part of my day will be definitely dedicated to Wikipedia!

Regardless of that, I can honestly say that this has been the best show I’ve seen so far and I’m determined to buy the box set with all six seasons (something very unusual for me, because I don’t spend money on TV shows, let alone buy 100 pounds worth of seasons). I’m willing to open an exception as a sign of my appreciation towards the whole cast and crew of Lost, for giving me some of the best entertainment that I’ve had. A special “thank you” for characters such as John Locke (he stands out as my favourite), Jack Shepard, Benjamin Linus, Michael Dawson (too bad he didn’t show more often. Harold Perrineu is an excellent actor), Desmond Hume, Kate Austen, James "Sawyer" Ford, Sayid Jarrah, Charlie Pace and many more. In fact, this is one of those rare shows in which I loved almost every character, if not all of them!

One of the other things that made me love Lost since the beginning was knowing that the show was all written for those 6º seasons, being very crucial for its success to follow their guidelines religiously. Due to the success of a lot of shows, they usually extend their running time to generate more money… but eventually the show itself loses a lot of its quality. Not in this case! It stuck for what their creators planned and became one of the most profitable and watched shows of all time. It gained a cult status and it will certainly be followed for generations to come!

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André disse...

Duarte, should i comment in english as well? Maybe better :)

Well, hell yeah. Lost is epic and i believe mostly due to the way it ended and to the tons of questions that remain unanswered. This way, really, Lost will perpetuate in our minds for years to come with all the mistery still attached to a show that actually ended. If in the end the show had all the answers, a 100% logic plot, etc, it would just end, period. This way no, it still breathes and it sure is one of my top3 favorite ever tv show.

Anyway, my succinct opinion about Lost is here

Yes, just a phrase.

I'm really enjoying your writing in english Duarte. I confess I was a little afraid at the beginning that it would turn out a... banhada, as we say in portuguese, but no, actually really good stuff.

I'd say only to cut a little bit on the "reckon" word which i saw it like 3 times in 3 or 4 posts :D hehe...

Cheers mate!

Duartinho disse...

haha it's one of my favorite english words... and it comes really in handy for me to try and use a more extended vocabulary!

I'll read your blog in a sec...

Have yourself a great day my friend!