segunda-feira, março 07, 2011

Wise Up

Here's a track by Aimee Mann that I absolutely love!

In Portugal most people became aware of this song after watching a commercial which turned out to be very popular during the mid 90's I presume. That commercial had one purpose (a very noble one in that matter) to appeal to the audience's conscious about themes related to road security, using a real person's tragic life experience as a way to captivate people's attention, thus making them more socially aware of events such as the one described at that specific ad. I reckon that those who know what I'm talking about, immediately thought about Salvador, the now host of his own show, dedicated to charity causes!

Although I probably got to know Wise Up after this ad, it became even more of a reference after watching Magnolia (1999) by Paul Thomas Anderson (in my humble opinion, his master piece), with top notch performances of an amazing cast - from Philip Seymour Hoffman, to William H Macy, Julianne Moore, John C. Reilly, Jason Robards, Philip Baker Hall to an amazing Tom Cruise (in one of his best rolls, if not the best).


In that movie, there is a scene in which P.T Anderson takes the viewer through all of the characters, while each one sings a part of the Aimee Mann hit! This particular scene is one, out of many more, that standout as one of the great trades of Anderson's vision as a film maker.It's one of those moments that captures you off guard, bringing out your most most sensitive side in a heartbeat! It is indeed one of those moments where music and acting come together in a very unique and beautiful way. So basically that's what I recall each and every time I hear that song... However, there are a few traces of Salvador's campaign, but definitely.. is the movie that comes to mind 99% of the time!

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