quarta-feira, maio 11, 2011

Chapel Club - Palace (2011)

Chapel Club are a indie rock group from London that came to my attention after reading a friend's blog (Pensamentos d'Outro) a few months ago.

Their debut album, Palace (2011), is a serious contender for my personal 10 top albums of the year list. I'm aware we still have a long way to go and there are plenty of albums to be listened to in my iPod, but still... Have enjoyed this project a lot recently... which is funny because I started hearing their single Five Trees and I must say, it didn't seem very appealing at the time, however, as time went by (and especially with my arrival to London) I’ve become increasingly addicted to that track, leading me to hear the whole album from another perspective.

It just reminds me of how music can be so subjective... a simple life experience can completely alter your view of a song or even a set of songs...

Anyway, I will leave you a few tracks for your appreciation...

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