terça-feira, maio 17, 2011

Reminiscing Summer

On my way back home from a play that I went to see yesterday, I turned on my iPod to listen to an album that was new to me. It was called Gemini (2010) - a great album might I add - from a group called Wild Nothing.

(Wild Nothing - Gemini album cover)

Immediately after the first track ended, I was attacked by voices and melodies that ignited all my senses. These reminded me of summer, such was the way that I could almost smell the ocean, touch the sand or taste the salty sea… In a heartbeat I was taken back into my hometown Cascais during summer Holiday, enjoying one of the finest summer days ever… and all my friends were there! At the beach, at clubs, at music festivals! They were all there and I was there with them!
So… while experiencing all of this, I thought to myself that I should share this moment on the blog… so, before the song ended, I rushed with my hand to my pocket in order to pull out the iPod and see the title of the track playing…

And what do you know…?

It was called Summer Holiday!

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