domingo, maio 22, 2011

Thor (2011)

I saw Thor (2011) a couple of weeks ago, but only now did I had the patience to write something about it... It wasn't because I disliked the movie... Much to the contrary... I though it was actually very good. Especially for the Marvel Universe that is often made of ups and downs when making the transition from comic books to a length feature!

Still, I don't want to rant about Thor so I will just stick to some of the main aspects that lead me to watch it and to appreciate it as well.

First, let me begin with the director: Kenneth Branagh.

How unexpected that was! When he was announced as the go-to-guy in this film I was really surprised! I mean, seriously! A renewed actor and director, with a background mostly created in British theatre... That's pretty unusual to have such a background connected with a movie such as this.

Another thing that attracted me (as probably most of the audience) was the cast! For years, it seems like a standard formula for this genre to have a group of actors with different assents to contribute. From the unknown lead actor to the new hot prospect, going through the Oscar winner/nominated and the old school actor/actress. No wonder it works so well... it appeals to a whole wide different range of fans that eagerly wait for the blockbuster to come out!

Special note to Chris Hemsworth, who gives a good impression as the title character while the rest of the cast follow his lead, discretely but accurately. Obviously it has to do a lot with the storyline and how most of the narrative was arranged, keeping the events happening in such a fast pace, that would almost feel disappointed that they are not taking full advantage of a story with enormous potential. But anyway... Branagh compensates the viewers along the way...

We can say that Thor is action packed with a blend of humour and wit, crossing with other parallel Marvel heroes leading up to The Avengers coming up in 2012, something that looks to shape up as Captain America: The First Avenger is bound to be released very soon.

One final comment...

Although not being as popular as Spider-Man, X-Men or even Iron-Man, the God of Thunder watches his share of fans raise with the debut of his own movie.

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it's such a great film ! :)