domingo, maio 01, 2011

Grab Some Buds

Came up to work, turned on my computer and turned on the television as usual... While waiting the computer to start, I got distracted by the first chords of what seemed to be You! Me! Dancing! by Los Campesinos. Took a closer looked at the television, only to realize that Los Campesinos were providing soundtrack for Budweiser's new commercial! Until the very end, I didn't know what the ad was promoting but I immediately empathized with it... mostly due to the track on the background but also because the footage suggested a lifestyle associated to "youth", "friends" and "good times". Enough for me to relate to and get this contagious feeling to go outside and (here comes the cheesy line) seize the day!

Anyway, its worth sharing... both the ad and tune!

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goncalo_s8 disse...

Muito bom! Grande gosto Duarte!