sábado, abril 30, 2011

Two of my favorite short films

Long time ago, when I opened my Facebook account, one of my first actions on the social network was to upload two videos that I really enjoyed.

I remember clearly one friend of mine dropping a suggestion into my inbox saying that it was definitely my “cup of tea”! He was right!

YouTube was promoting a new segment called YouTube Screening Room where they had created sort of virtual exhibition theatre where they would display short films.

Our Times is Up (2006) written and directed by Rob Pearlstein, had some familiar faces in which Kevin Pollock's stand out, not only because of his Hollywood fame, but mostly because he assumed the role of the lead character.

After seeing that one, (was highly impressed afterwards due to its sensitive nature and simplicity on passing through a valuable message) I kept browsing through some of the other videos...

Eventually I made acquaintance with Are You The Favourite Person of Anybody? (2005), directed by Miguel Arteta, starring John C. Reilly. Also, very simple but efficient in terms of executing good film based on such a genuine and interesting theme.

Those two short-films rapidly built up the urge to share them online and since Facebook was brand new to my eyes, I didn’t know how to share those videos. So basically I went through the whole process of obtaining the videos from YouTube into my desktop and then uploading them into my personal videos on my profile.

As you can imagine, this took me ages to do… but it was completely worth is! This was what? Two years, three years ago tops… and so… even though I’m sharing for the second time, they will make their debut in this personal space of mine.

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