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Life in Film - Live in London 07.04.11

Doesn't seem to make much sense to write about a gig that happened last Thursday... but I couldn't let this one slide since it was really an amazing experience for me in every way. For starters, the friends that came with me, although knowing very little of the band, were totally up for the challenge. They trusted me as I promised they wouldn't be disappointed... Plus the price of the ticket was ridiculously cheap... 7pounds seemed like pocket change for the evening that was provided!

The opening act, Ay Ducane, gave their all with music that matched country, rock and indie folk all together... In spite of being a good warm up, Life in Film (the main attraction) was definitely what kept me waiting anxiously! 

From the moment they stepped into the stage they played according to my (huge) expectations and maybe even surpassing them, giving me a couple of unexpected surprises.
The biggest one, without a shadow of a doubt, was when they announced Alleyway...

I know the acoustic version of that track, and that version alone... So basically when the first cords came in to play, all of the sudden, the guitars and drums stroke the audience showing little mercy for those who weren't in the mood for dancing. I was completely blown away! It was almost as if I didn't recognize Alleyway since the intensity and rhythm were completely different from the one I know...  From a mellow track to a transformed dancing tune, I felt like I was getting pumped up as I did my best to control myself so that I could capture properly that moment on film. 

The single instantly became more appealing and perhaps even guaranteeing the status of personal favourite in their repertoire, overcoming Sorry, probably considered their most strong track. Nonetheless, I want to share that amazing performance (Alleyway) that has consuming most of my time dedicated to hearing music when at home...

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