sexta-feira, abril 01, 2011

Cold War Kids - Mine is Yours (2011)

It's definitely Cold War Kid's most mainstream work yet... something that obviously isn’t synonymous of poor quality. Not at all! In fact, Mine is Yours (2011) goes very easy on the ears with a sound very similar in some ways with a more recent approach made by Kings of Leon. It's in my opinion a good way to make better use of Nathan Willett's smooth voice... Despite this, the album was very under appreciated by most crittics! I some ways I can agree... Can't really say it's a great album... Too many "ups and downs", but I see no reason not to advise people to give it a try since it could be listened to whenever and wherever!

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R disse...

Apesar de ser bastante diferente dos anteriores gostei imenso deste álbum! Na minha opinião, este e o primeiro álbum do James Blake são dos melhores deste ano.. Mas o ano ainda agora começou