quarta-feira, agosto 03, 2011

Beach Fossils - What a Pleasure (2011)

A wonderful EP (or should I call it a half record?) that has a summer feel into it! And What a Pleasure (2011) it is to dive in a beautiful ocean of sweet guitars and gazed bass notes.

It's irresistible melodies have the capacity to make the listener travel through waves of mellow and cool subtleness... One that is increasingly better if near the sea or with an intense sunshine in your face, while contemplating a sublime landscape through the lens of your set of Raybans!

Well, maybe none of the mention above will work for you while getting your head around Beach Fossils, but at least it has provided me the will to write something in a more eloquent fashion! It's not a proper writing skill of mine... I'll give you that! But what's the point of fighting it? That's what their music has given me right now... A sudden rush to wonder off in tales and descriptions of Summer time, my favourite season of the year and one that I've been enjoying a lot back in my home town in Portugal.

Beach, Sunsets and Sundowns, dancing, partying, chilling out with friends over a cold beer, summer romance... all of it is mandatory in these months... and these kids from the Big Apple, so-called Beach Fossils, are certain to make all of those present, even if only in your minds.

In fact, Beach Fossils definitely are amongst a group of indie rock bands that provide that same feeling. Bands in the likes of The Drums, Wild Nothing or Beach House... All of which are required throughout the entire year, but especially in July and August!