quinta-feira, agosto 18, 2011

Bushwick Blues

Although I know this track for quite some time, it seems I can't stop listening to it in these past days. it's been constantly in repeat on my iPod and it will remain like that for the upcoming days.

It's an amazing track that I want to share with you, adding also another great song called Children, a song once already posted in this blog, but like Bushwick Blues, I've been listening to it over and over again

Hold on to my hand
Never let go
Never let go
We were just two kids acting tough
Then we grew up
Me, not so much

All the other guys that you've seen

are nothing compared to me
Because my love is strong
And my heart is weak
After all

When we first met

We spoke so brief
When you sang a sonnet
I hummed sweet relief
Do you recall that night we took the L
Out into Bushwick
It was colder than hell

So maybe there

We should have stopped
Cause I'm left here feeling like a cop
Because my love is strong
And my heart is weak
After all

To the other side

of the state's return
I met a young girl
Well I couldn't manage her
Because I think of you
In every girl i meet
It's no relief
That sounds to me just as sweet

So maybe I'm the fool for feeling used

By the way we kissed that night i though you knew
Because my love is strong
And my heart is weak
After all

Children shut your eyes
we'll tell you what to see
this world is burnin' down
and you're the ones to lead

now look into their hearts

all those who hold the lead
don't listen to their lies
they only want one thing
well i only want one thing

they'll rob you from the truth

and they'll steal you from our house
the blind leading the blind
don't hang around with their kind

cause i love the life i lead

and i know my enemies
well if God is on our side
well that's all you really need
well that's all we really need
well that's all i really need

follow down the road

i was led before you were born
no its not your choice
to pick your own fight

when you sitting second class

and as long as you're in control
speaking when you're asked
you make your own stand
and you take your own stand
well i'll make my own stand
and i take my own stand

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