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The King's Speech (2010)

It took me some time, but I finally watched The King's Speech (2010)!

Even with my high expectations, I managed to be surprised with the perfect execution of this film in almost every single aspect! Not saying it's my favourite movie of all time, I'm just stating that it's almost flawless.
The script is wonderful, the scenery is very rich and enlightening, showing a different view of London, a city that like most of you know by now, I became very fond of.

Direction is superb and the three main leads are magnificent! 
Colin Firth is once again outstanding, as it is Geoffrey Rush! Helena Bonham Carter comes as a revelation of some kind... Never did I enjoyed so much one of her characters... and even though the Duchess of York is very likeable, I have to give credit when credit is due! 

Tom Hooper, the main conductor of this historical drama shares the spotlight as well. Didn't know much about him... still don't! Aside from The King's Speech, I've never seen none of his work... but I have to say I'm looking forward to see him in the future!

To recreate such a time and age accurately while providing depth and interest to the characters is unquestionably a hard task, one that Mr. Hooper was able to perform in a very good fashion! The opening scene is a clear example of that, as it grips you with a excellent moment by Colin Firth addressing the audience, something that created even more of an impact by the context it was inserted!

And speaking of scenes, another one of my favourite is the dialogue between the Duchess (H. Bonham Carter) and Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush). That just comes to show how good they are and how well the script is written! It's intense, moving... but also funny as their personalities distinguish both performances!

A third one (and please forgive me for handing out a few spoilers) is the "because I have a voice" scene, one that most people are aware due to it's presence in the official trailer! Knowing of it's existence and when it would appear, it felt completely different when watching to it's full extent, in which Firth and Rush "take a go at it"... Captivating acting from both, one that certainly gave me the "goosebumps".

All and all, it's not a surprise any more that this movie did so well in the Oscar ceremony! A must see!

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