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Super 8 (2011) | Hanna (2011) | Super (2011)

These are the three latest movies that I saw before I came to London... The first I saw it in the cinema and the other two, just recently over a friend's house!

Obviously, since all three are so much different from one another, I will try to briefly make a comment on each of them...

Super 8 (2011) directed by J.J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg, seems like a crossover of:

- Stand By Me (1986), based on a novella by Stephen King entitled The Body,
- The War of the Worlds, also a novel, written by H.G Wells, adapted later on by Spielberg in 2005.

All three of them combined display a show of science fiction and fantasy while demonstrating human kindness, sensitivity and innocence, but at the same time showing some of our flaws and possible consequences of our greed and evil ambition... all of this with massive special effect scenes! It's a modern day fiction fairy tale (if there is such a thing) mixing bits and pieces of action, comedy and drama! A good summer blockbuster without a shadow of a doubt!

Hanna (2011) is a Joe Wright movie that takes a big turn from the latest genres he has been associated with!

Action packed flick, with a interesting  screenplay and a terrific cast lead by Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett... Oh and let's not forget to mention a hell of a score by The Chemical Brothers that gives the movie a more intense and invigorating rhythm!

Even though it might seem sometimes a bit incoherent in terms of plot development and the directing style applied to demonstrate that, it's still a very solid movie that will make your while!

Super (2011) is a movie directed by relatively unknown James Gunn that comes in a time and age where super-heroes without powers are becoming sort a trendy theme recently. Forget comic books adapted into films in the likes of Batman or The Punisher... I'm talking about movies such as Defendor (2009) or Kick-Ass (2010).

Presenting itself as a comedy, it takes a whole different route as times goes by! Well... to be fair, it sort of never loses it's comedy touch (black humour), but gets incredibly violent and graphic, but also more deep and insightful! As Rain Wilson's character gets more subversive into his new role as a masked crusader, we feel his pain, thus becoming more comprehensive about his attitudes, that although not always right... are enough to "shut up crime", as he would say.

I just want to add that when you reach the middle of the movie it gains a whole new intensity! Finally when you reach the end... after the credits roll down and you have some time to reflect... that's when it hit me! It's a nicely done flick!

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