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The Artist (2011)

Without extending myself too much, because it seems like there's not much left to be said, let me just stress how important it is to watch The Artist (2011) in a proper cinema room, in order to take full advantage of the magnificent experience that is watching this mute film.

Almost like a time machine, the audience travels to a past age through the vision and lens of French director Michel Hazanavicius, aided by a cast lead by a magnificent Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo. 
Few minutes after the movie started, I was surprised - even considering  I was aware of its success - with its ability to compete against modern day movies. I could see why it was so good, but I'll be honest... Half way through, I wondered why all the fuss about the silent feature. I mean, it's great and all, but to that extent where everyone was just raving about it?! Why? Because it was shot in "black & white" and it was mute? Because the concept was fresh and at the same time risky, while still being able to "pull it off"? Sure... Credit should be given, but it was my belief that it was a good film without being outrageously superb like most critics reviewed it.
That line of though went at least prior to the last twenty minutes of the movie, where from then on until the end I was engaged in every single scene with fascination and wonder, completely absorbed into the action that was taking place. Everything seemed just perfect... from the directing, to editing, to actors performance and soundtrack. However, if having to pick an outstanding element, it would be Jean Dujardin. 
I was completely blown away by the way he took such a hard role and made it brilliant. I still think that Fassbender should be up there with the French actor fighting for the Oscar, having no other being good enough to match them (Clooney, Pitt, Oldman.. The rest still to be seen). Anyway, if he wins it, good for him! He deserves it! As for other categories nominated... all of them deserving of recognition!

The Artist is that good!!

Those are my two cents about the movie... Go watch it while you can!

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