terça-feira, fevereiro 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's day

Over the years, Valentine's Day has lost its meaning, becoming increasingly known as a "commercial day".

The week building up to the 14th of February is a time where people are bombarded with advertising and campaigns, trying to make "lovers" obligated to do something special or simply be kind to their loved one, when it should come naturally in a regular basis, rather than just being a consequence of a big system built to make money out of people's needs and emotions. In fact, talking about needs, these are successfully created into the soon-to-be consumers minds... provoking a desire that probably wasn't there in the first place.  But what can you do? That's the whole point of advertising... But to think of the dimension a day like this has nowadays is just mind blowing!

I'm still on of those who present themselves as a bit naive! I believe that Valentine's day should be put into practice everyday, in a genuine and pure form, thus avoiding the clichés and almost forced demonstrations of "love".

Much more can be said, but would rather leave it at that...

Be it as it may, there are still people out there who make the best out of it, in a truly genuine fashion. To all those people I wish you a Happy Valentine's day!

My Funny Valentine
Sweet Comic Valentine
You Make Me Smile With My Heart
You're Looks Are Laughable,
Yet You're My Favorite Work Of Art
Is Your FigureLess Than Greek
Is Your Mouth A Little Weak
When You Open It To Speak
Are You Smart
Don't Change A Hair For Me
Not If You Care For Me
Stay Little Valentine Stay
Each Day Is Valentine's Day

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