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Cœur de Pirate - Blonde (2011)

For me to talk about this album, I must first talk about the artist and how I came across her name.

Some time ago, in one of my Facebook wanders, I saw track entitled Comme Des Enfant (Le Matos Andy Carmichael Remix) by Coeur de Pirate. It was a remix, thus, the melody being electronic.

I was quite found of the song, even though I'm not a great fan of the genre.
Ended up posting the track in my blog (as showed in the link placed above), plus doing some research. Without going that deep, I found out she is of Canadian origin, who went by the name of Béatrice Martin and that she played the piano for a living. That's pretty much all I found out in my little investigation.

Eventually, I forgot all about her until very recently I came to an article regarding her latest album, launched in 2011, called Blonde. I decided to give it a chance this morning and I ended up being quite impressed with her second studio effort! Most of its success, according to my personal opinion, was due to the element of surprise being drastically big. Keep in mind that the only track I've ever heard was a remix, so basically, when confronted by the sweet and eloquent melodies, hand in hand with beautiful French lyrics - resonating almost like poetry - I couldn't help myself to surrender to the young Béatrice. In those 12 songs, written and composed by the "Pirate Heart" (English translation for Coeur de Pirate), you can't help but notice its pop vibe mixed with classical influences. Some songs go as far as having traces of Yann Tiersen. Not insinuating she drawn inspiration from the French composer, but some similarities are there. It's a good combo indeed and she is one to look after! I will soon proceed to hearing her debut album... Hope it is as good as this one!

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