segunda-feira, setembro 24, 2012

American Reunion (2012)

This was one of the many films I watched on my way to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). With plenty of time in my hands, I looked through the selection of movies British Airways had and after seeing American Reunion (2012) I had no doubt where I was going to start.

It had been a long time since American Wedding (2003) - the third and last instalment of the series until the "reunion"- a movie which seemed to conclude the story of the group of friends from East Great Falls High. It never occurred to me that a "Reunion" would be a great plot to get them all together once more. Maybe I was too distracted with the mediocre "direct-to-dvd" sequels that came out, only to destroy the American Pie's legacy among my generation. You can say they are very approachable to various generations, but I believe mine was one to be more infatuated with the series.

So there I was. Getting together with all those characters like they were my friends. It almost seemed like I was part of the gang, as I felt more and more nostalgic with each scene. I can honestly say this was a very satisfying finale to the series, and even thought there is still potential to work on future projects, I like to believe everyone involved in American Pie is proud of their achievments and will let this be the "perfect ending" for Jim, Oz, Kevin, Finch, Stiffler and many others more, who have contributed so much to my popular culture.

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