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La Faute à Fidel (2006)

La Faute à Fidel (2006)...

... What a wonderful film!

Just one more example - among many others - of how good is international cinema, especially in France. In this last year, I have seen a lot of films produced in the country and most of them were of high quality. In fact, lately I've noticed how my DVD collection has been growing with French cinema. 

Compelling story, terrific acting and a great surprise from a very young actress - who after making her début with a terrific performance - seized to appear in other projects. Did some research - not an extensive one - to find out her whereabouts and came up with nothing. I'm curious to know what led the young actress to give up on acting, considering critics and audience where enchanted by her portrayal of a 9-year-old girl caught in the mist of revolution and high ideals connected to communism, Cuba and Fidel Castro. Too much for anyone at such a young age I would say...

Rotten Tomatoes - my main guide / advisor in times of need - said:
"Blame it on Fidel" is a charming comedy of manners, class, and politics, elevated by a remarkable performance from lead child actor Nina Kervel.

A must!

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