domingo, setembro 02, 2012

Lotus Plaza - Spooky Action At a Distance (2012)

This is an album that brings me closer to Portugal! 

Not because the music was soundtrack to my life there, but because - somehow - it just takes me to summer days, evening at the beach, days out in festivals listening to great bands, having a nice cold Sagres, submersed in interesting and fun conversations... Outdoor barbecues, partying and going out for dinner... bowl of Santini... joking around in the pool... playing some football and after lying around in the grass. I could stay here for ages just naming favorite things to do when I'm back home. 

God, I miss it so much. Miss everything about it...

Any album that is able to do this, to put me in a nostalgic mood, then it must be good!

Thanks Lotus Plaza.

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